Cody Johnson at Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center

Cody Johnson Tickets

Mayo Clinic Health System Event Center | Mankato, Minnesota

We have noticed you cannot decide what event to go to this fall, but if it's the genre you aren't able to pick then its pretty obvious….country is one of the biggest selling genres in the world…now you've decided that, its totally one option only fro other on…its clear it would be the spectacular and smash hit act, Cody Johnson! And this is perfect timing because the favorite country act there is will be hosted by Mankato Civic Center, Minnesota, Mankato on Thursday 15th September 2022! It could totally be the highlight of your year, or life! What a Thursday evening it could be this September….you'll be starstruck! Simply press 'GET TICKETS' now to to secure a bunch now for the favorite evening of 2022!

Cody Johnson at Mankato Civic Center

Are you getting in all of the fall, 2022 tour dates together to wonder what one you'd like to go see? This is {a special one for Thursday 15th September 2022 thats for sure! We know sure as heck that ALL the huge country music lovers will be down at incredible Mankato Civic Center, Mankato, Minnesota on Thursday 15th September 2022…..and do you know why….well darn it? ONLY the supreme country act of now is going to be in the house singing somethin' pretty special…think of all the hits? Live in action just feels so much better….agreed? If you really want to witness Cody Johnson for yourself on a Thursday night at the supreme arena in town this September then luckily enough you can buy your entry from now TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR ALL DATES, just press 'GET TICKETS' to purchase right away! Treat yourself, after all you're the supreme person you know! Go on click it…..'GET TICKETS'

Cody Johnson at Mankato Civic Center

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